teenage desert royalty (we had a small photoshoot once we finished sewing and caught some evening sun)

gou (as designed by this person mostly)- elsa

rin - me

photos by my darling sister 


honestly tho how do they look so badass in their team pictures in the official art when everyone is a loser???

alltså kaffe med mjölk för mig är i vanliga fall bara slibbigt och äckligt *i like my coffee black just like my metal* såvida man inte lägger typ honung i också och gör En Grej av det… MEN. KALLT KAFFE. MIXAT MED TYP. IS. MED MJÖLK I. vad heter det ens. frappuccino. med bara lite LITE socker eventuellt i är det BÄSTA? mjölken kommer till sin RÄTT? jag älskar mjölk jag är så glad att den får visa vad den går för

A small post of Sven Nordqvist’s wonderful art.

myra has a smartphone nowadays and can thus send me lovely stuff like this

i’m so happy

oh my god look what my brother found in a wardrobe
my homemade vegeta pillowcase
all embroidered and stuff wow
eleven year old elsa impresses 21 year old elsa

no but seriously, on the dmmd anime

the last episode (4) was like. WAYYY better than all the earlier episodes combined? i actually liked clear and aoba’s talk etc on the roof… much thanks to clear’s voice being much less annoying than in the game lol

and the animation wasn’t as crap as earlier either haha i hope it continues this way but i have my doubts