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hi, i'm elsa.

born in sweden, year 1992. enthusiastic about languages, tea, dragons, music, video games, fragrances, various animated works and a lot of other stuff. i think my blog is a pretty good summary of what i'm about.

i hope you'll enjoy your stay here!! ♥ chu chu. ヽ( ´ v`)ノ

the posts i like are sometimes more interesting than the ones i reblog, so, well, take a look here. i also have a me tag!!! wow wow.
i'm currently living in beijing, china, and this is my beijing tag on this blog, and this is my blog for solely beijing updates.

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Aug 2 '12
we had, as mentioned earlier, the best tent. the best.(the sign says “it’s bigger on the inside”)

we had, as mentioned earlier, the best tent. the best.
(the sign says “it’s bigger on the inside”)

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